• Sprints to first ITU World Cup win in Australia

    I claimed my first ITU World Cup win with an electrifying sprint in Mooloolaba, just pipping reigning champion Brad Kahlefeldt and another Frenchman, David Hauss, on the line in the first major event of the 2012 season. ( March, 2012).

  • Winner in Geelong (AUS) for the ITU Continental Cup.

    After shadowing with Will Clarke (GBR) on the last lap, I managed to kick away with the finish line in sight. ( March, 2012).


    After 2011, I won again in Wanaka for the Contact Tri Serie in Wanaka over a strong Kiwi field. (january 2012)


    After 2009, I won my 2nd national title. I am really pleased with my victory, it will give me the joy to lead into the Olympics as the French Champion! (September,2011).


    I answered the London call and secured my spot for the next Olympic Game by finishing 6th and 1st French in the Olympic Test event(August,2011).

lundi 22 novembre 2010

Autumn joy

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since my last update. I must say that I prefer the simplicity of my twitter account when I don't have much to say...
2010 was really stressful for my body with all these accumulations of injuries , I pushed myself a bit far but that was the plan.
Two months of recovery were useful before I felt completely back to good form.
I restarted training with four easy weeks to get back into it and three consistent weeks just to get ready to rumble when the big miles will begin in NZL next week!
On the menu this autumn were long runs with headlamps where I learnt to deal with adrenaline releases each time a wild pig crossed the trail in front of me, a swimming race with the ex top triathletes but now talented businessmen (P & F. Dorez= Men behind Zerod ) and to finish, the French X-country Military championships last Friday in Orleans.
A race I like, with mud, big puddles and pretty much all the best french runners, as most of them are military.
An explosive cocktail, I got nice muscle fatigue, sore lungs but most importantly a good result considering the period!
The Military Triathlon team got bronze and I took 12th place in between very good runners (results below).
I am now in New Zealand for 4 months, I guarantee that I will be very busy!
See you soon
Xcountry results:

2 THEURI JAMES 29:24.30
3 NDEMI ABEL 29:28.19
12 VIDAL LAURENT 30:22.05
13 BELTRAN Sébastien 30:38.36
14 BRI HIRT HASSAN 30:54.28
18 HAUSS DAVID 31:37.36
23 DAUBORT BRICE 32:15.58

mardi 12 octobre 2010

TT French Cup.

This weekend I raced the Team Time Trial Frech Cup with the Lagardère Paris Racing.
On a sprint format (750m/20km/5km) the Beauvaisiens were the strongest and won the the title.
My team, took 7th on a very tight finish ( 4 teams in 15sec).
It was my return to competition after a six week break . I am quite surprised about my feelings and I really enjoyed the flavour of a team spirit in triathlon.
I'm glad to be back.
See you soon.
(Photo: J.Zipf, S.Jutus, M. Fortier Beaulieu, M.Essadiq & L.Vidal)

mardi 24 août 2010

End of the season but confident.

I just finished a series of intensive tests to establish the reasons for my collapse occurred during the last round of the World Championship in Kitzbuhel.
All the tests are really reassuring, as the conclusions excluded any cardiovascular disease or disturbance .
It's really reassuring because this diagnosis does not affect my athletic ability, it shows instead that I probably pushed a little too hard...
Unfortunetly, I suffers from two broken ribs forcing me to rest for three weeks.
In these circumstances , I must withdraw the end of the season ...


samedi 14 août 2010

Kitzbuhel WCS -Collapsed- Quick Update


Just a quick update to give some news after today.
I received quite a lot of message on the last 6 hours. You might have seen me collapsing during the run in Kitzbuhel.
I went to Austria with a big motivation and a strong determination to get a great result to end up the bad luck of this 2010 season.
Well, my plan was going great until for undeterminated reasons I collapsed during the run. I have lost memory of what happened but for sure this was really a scary experience.
I will cheer for Andrea tomorow in the woman race before heading back to France to do some medicals check up.
I hope everything will be ok and the Doctors will just tell me "You pushed a bit to hard that time."

jeudi 29 juillet 2010

ITU Institutes Athlete Biological Passport Programme

Hi Everyone,
I am back in the French Pyrénées training for the next round of the World Championships in 2,5weeks in Kitzbuhel.
I wanted to share with you this news, good Job to all the ITU' team and to Leslie Buchanan for this great move.
Details on
The International Triathlon Union today announced that it will institute its own Athlete Biological Passport programme to ensure the most solid testing programme possible, promoting the right of all ITU athletes to fair and clean competitions. ITU is proud of being an international sport federation which implements one of the most-advanced anti-doping programme in the Olympic Movement, joining only a handful of federations maintaining such a programme. Developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the Athlete Biological Passport reveals doping indirectly by monitoring selected biological variables, in contrast with the traditional direct detection of doping. “Biological monitoring throughout an athlete’s sporting career should make any prohibited preparation far harder to implement,” according to WADA. The operating guidelines were approved in December of 2009. With the firm commitment to the fight against doping, ITU has been investing substantial resources to its anti-doping mission. The ITU Anti-Doping Regulations and the ITU Anti-Doping Program, which have all been confirmed by WADA, are fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code. As shown by annual statistics, ITU athletes have for the most part respected their engagements as athletes to a fair and clean sport. Establishing its own Athlete Biological Passport programme will further reinforce ITU’s anti-doping initiatives and reaffirm ITU’s commitment to clean and safe sport. “We are delighted to mark this important step in the ITU’s fight against doping initiatives,” said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. “Since its inception, ITU is increasingly committed to ensure that athletes and everyone involved in triathlon play a part in eradicating the use of drugs in sport. I believe this new programme will further reinforce our commitment, letting the sport and its athletes stay clean and healthy.” “WADA commends the ITU for its decision to implement a longitudinal follow-up program,” said WADA’s Director General David Howman. “The Athlete Biological Passport adds a powerful tool to support the fight against doping in sport. Coupled with other strategies, it makes prohibited preparations harder to implement by those athletes who may take the risk to cheat. We know that the effects of some substances remain detectable in the body longer than the substances themselves. The Athlete Biological Passport Model allows the anti-doping community to exploit this reality through a similar approach to that used in forensic science.”

mardi 27 juillet 2010

London, 742 days before.

I am happy to have raced in London, the future Olympic city, yesterday.
A week ago, I was very pessimistic about the possibility of being able to start.
12th at the finish of a race where I could not give anything more.Andrea finished fourth and is holding 2nd in the World Championship ranking.
We're already back at altitude to prepare the next stage of the World Championship in Kitzbuhel (AUT) in three weeks.
For more info, video and results .:. click here.:.

Photos: Maud AG-Facebook

jeudi 15 juillet 2010

Withdrawn from Hamburg World Champs


For some undetermined reasons I have unfortunately suffered from an bacterial attack (not viral) from the end of last week.
This infectious syndrome requires special treatment and of course, is not compatible with the practice of sport at the highest level. Taking all of this into consideration I've decided not to race this weekends round of the World Championship Series in Hamburg. This was a personal decision, which I made in collaboration with the national team Doctor.
I know how important it is to have a optimal preperation to perform, and so by pulling out of Hamburg I leave myself the best chance to be ready for the London round in 9 days time. This is a great opportunity to race one more time on the course of the next olympics in 2012. That's why if my treatment goes well, a start in the London World Championship Series is very likely now that I have more time to recover .

See you on the start line,

lundi 12 juillet 2010

Unconfirmed for WCS round 4 & 5

Last week-end I was struck down with a virus and the sickness has dragged on now over four days. Yesterday, I left Altitude for sea level as I wasn't feeling anywhere near good .
I did a blood test this morning as I am still unable to train.
I am very frustrated as the World Championship Series was a high priority for me in 2010 and my recent form at Europeans Champs last week end has shown some really good signs.
I will see how I recover and if I am able to get to the start line in Hamburg and also London my goals will be completely reassessed and the focus will be as simply to get some points in order to still have a chance to get a decent overall ranking on the World Championship.
Right now I can't race with my condition but I am doing everything I can to recover fast. Human nature is unpredictable... Will see.

lundi 5 juillet 2010

5th at European Championship


Yesterday I crossed the line 5th at the Europeans Championship in Athlone (IRL).
In front of a Massive crowd it was really nice week-end of triathlon.
The French Team did well as we come back with 3 medals and 2 top 8 finishes between junior/Elite Women& men.On the elite men's race, Alistair Brownlee (Gold) and Javier Gomez (Silver) were really strong yesterday and they had a great offensive race. Personnally, I am pretty happy with my performance as for the first time since Seoul ( where I rolled my ankle) I felt I could put the hammer down on the run.
With my team mate David Hauss (Bronze) & Joao Silva (4th) we moved up the whole 10k run as we started about a 1min15 after the four leaders .
My fitness is going the right way and the last two big weeks at altitude seems to pay off.I am flying back in the Pyrennees tonight for another two week before Hamburg WCS.
Now it's packing time as yesterday night I prefered to drink few beers in a pub... Enjoyed Ireland!
.:.Full race story & results here.:.

dimanche 20 juin 2010

Jack Crap at National


I was suposed to "race" national today in north-east of France. They were a race but not for me as I felt absolutly CRAP the whole way.
I just froze on the bike and I pulled out in hyporthermia. I felt a bit better after two saussages sandwiches , hot tea and lemonade.
To conclude briefly, I had a bad day, a really bad day... I almost can't believe how bad I was!
I guess I haven't recovered from my American business last week-end.
Now it's time to get back with Andrea and the kiwi clan in Pyrénées for some big miles.
Cheers Laurent

dimanche 13 juin 2010

Getting back on track in HyVee World Cup

So that's that: I finished 12th in my first HyVee Triathlon World Cup.
5 weeks ago I was looking for a much bigger result. Now though with the buildup I had, I am honestly happy with my performance.
My swim and bike went ok. I didn't feel like I had loads of energy but I had enough to put myself in a safe position during the narrow bike course, quietly waiting for the last 10k.
As I have been injured recently, I wasn't sure if I could count on my run. I mean , I know I was fit but when you are part of a race with the best athletes in the world you really need to be at 100%.
Finally and quite surprisingly after spending so much time treating my ankle I was right there, in the bunch running for silver behind Tim Don (UK), who was on fire today.
Ok, I blew up on the last lap (lost 35 sec) but at least I know I am back in descent form and when I will put in some bigger mileage, I will be able to finish the 10k.
Tomorow is the end of the US journey. It was a great week, I really enjoyed being in Des Moines, Iowa with our home stay Cindy.
That was a really cool experience.
I will be back in France tomorrow and I will race the National Championship next week-end as I am the defending champion.Cheers
Ps: Andrea got 5th on the women's race.
Huge congratulation to Tim Don for his show and to Kris Gemmell (NZL) who took silver after a complicated beginning of the season, you peaked right bro!

samedi 8 mai 2010

After the sushi roll, the rolled Ankle in Seoul.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update from Seoul where the 2nd round of the WCS just finished.
The race started really well for me after exiting 5th out of the water and I had a safe ride up the front on the technical bike course.
I started the run pretty quickly and was batleling for the 4th position untill the 6km mark.
William Clarke (GBR) fell in front on me and while I tried to go around him my right ankle rolled.
After few meters the pain started to grow and I had to slow down on the last 3k loosing a precious time.
As I hate pulling out, I jogged to the line finishing and took the 21st position .
It's time now to do some medicals treatments and Xray. Hopefully there is nothing really serious.

dimanche 11 avril 2010

8th in Sydney Series Opener

Hi everyone,

I started the World Championship Series with an 8th place finish.
It was a warm and nice day to race in Sydney beside the Opera house.
The course was technical and hilly which made the race pretty tough.
I exited out of the water up the front and rode safely on this fast course.
I putted myself into the lead of the main group in the 2nd tranistion about a minute after the leaders who broke away with 10k to go.
I had some great feelings on the first part of the run and I just sat waiting for my time.
Finally my time never came as I felt flat with 3k to go when Bevan Docherty ( The winner of the day) surged on the long hill of the course.
I kept the only pace I could go to secure a top 8 finish: Every point counts on the way to the World Championship title.
Even if I was looking for a little better result I am quite happy with my performance in a strong field as always in the WCS.
Now it's time to head back to New Zealand to start a new training block a bit different than the last 5 months to put some extra speed and drop some fatigue !

Full story of the race.
1 Bevan Docherty NZL 01:51:27
2 Alexander Brukhankov RUS 01:51:33
3 David Hauss FRA 01:51:34
4 Dmitry Polyansky RUS 01:51:40
5 Simon Whitfield CAN 01:51:42
6 Tony Moulai FRA 01:51:49
7 Greg Bennett AUS 01:51:53
8 Laurent Vidal FRA 01:51:54
9 Matt Chrabot USA 01:51:56
10 Hunter Kemper USA 01:52:07

It was great to be back on the circuit with all the guys.
Congratulation to all the frenchy with 3rd, 6th, 7th and 18th .
Happy for Andrea on Silver.
Cheers Laurent.

lundi 5 avril 2010

WCS kicks off this sunday in Sydney

The Triathlon ITU World Championship Series kicks off on Sunday in Sydney.
It's now been 7 month since the Gold Coast and I am really excited to go back into the WCS!
My training has been good in Chritchurch (NZL). After a month spent at altitude, I did my last block of training at sea level to get some extra speed.
Andrea and I are leaving Canterbury for the New South Wales in Australia on thursday.
Sydney will be our first big date of the 2010 season and most of the world's fastest Triathletes will be on the start line to begin the quest to become world champion, how exciting is that!
If you are in the Kiwi land, the race will be live on Skysport otherwise you can follow us on the triathlonTV website to watch the live coverage.

Cheers Laurent
Ones to Watch in Sydney

dimanche 14 mars 2010

French connection wins the day in Wellington


Andrea Hewitt and Laurent Vidal are partners in life and shared the titles in Wellington today at the final round of the Contact Tri Series with national standard distance and ITU Oceania honours on the line.
Over 700 competitors took part on a blustery but fine Wellington day in events ranging from the Contact 3:9:3 for beginners, to age group events in the Contact Trophy and of course the elites in the main events of the day.
Hewitt (Christchurch) and Vidal (France) won their respective races (albeit Vidal is not eligible as a Frenchman to claim the New Zealand or Oceania titles), in similar style, each overcoming world class opposition in the final stages of the 10km run in blustery conditions in the capital.
Vidal kicked clear first of Australian Peter Robertson early in the run and then Kiwi Kris Gemmell at the eight kilometre mark while Hewitt shook Nicky Samuels and then Debbie Tanner to claim her first national title.
The key moment in the women’s race occurred late on the bike however, when Nicky Samuels, Debbie Tanner and Hewitt broke clear of a group of three others, including Wellington’s Kate McIlroy. The world class trio led by 52 seconds heading into the run and from that point the others were chasing the minor money.
Hewitt proved the strongest in front of thousands who lined Oriental Parade and Waitangi Park and was delighted to claim her first national title in tough conditions.
“I am really, really happy with that today. It is my first Olympic distance race this year so this is great. Conditions were tough, the wind was in our faces on the way out but great on the way back each lap on the bike and the run.
Hewitt explained the surprising move on the bike when it looked as though a lead group of eight would stay together.
“It was on the last lap on the bike and Nicky went for it into the wind, first no one followed but then Debbie and I went and we got a gap on the rest and hung on and then took some turns to make that lead bigger.”
Hewitt knew that it was to be a good day for both her and Vidal.
“I felt strong on the run and made a move to get a good gap on Debbie. It was around that time when we crossed with a couple of laps to go I saw Laurent just after he had put a gap on Kris so had a pretty good idea he had held on to win.”
The day was a tough one though for Samuels, the Wanaka triathlete had suffered a cut to her foot during the run, caused by the lining of her shoe. Samuels removed the shoe and bravely ran on barefoot through the pain only to be penalized one minute upon finishing. Under ITU rules a triathlete cannot compete barefoot at any time during the run leg.
Fortunately for Samuels the one minute penalty saw her still finish third in the elite category, albeit just five seconds ahead of Kate McIlroy.
World number six Laurent Vidal was beaming after the race, confirming his love of New Zealand, describing himself again as 49% Kiwi but with the French media in attendance not prepared to go beyond the 50% mark!
The 26 year old is not eligible to take the titles but saw the irony in his win.
“No, I am not eligible to win either title today but I have not won a European Championship and here I am coming first in another continental title, it is cool!
“We had a great battle in Takapuna and I got dropped and got third but for three weeks I have been training with the Kiwis at Snow Farm and I knew I was in good shape for this time of the year, the training and the people were great.
“I felt good at the four kilometre mark and Kris is such a good athlete, he knows what he is doing so I have to watch him. But at six kilometres I was feeling good and decided I have to go, the first surge Kris answered but the second time was the good one, then I made the gap and managed to keep it.
“Kris and Ryan are both in good form and training well so I knew this was going to be tough, today I am the lucky one.”
Vidal was able to hobble back to the finish line to give Hewitt a quick peck on the cheek as she crossed the line.
“At Takapuna we were both third, today both first so it is great. I had to go the medical team to help with a blister but they allowed me to come out and see Andrea come home, so yes this was good.”
Gemmell was a comfortable second across the line ahead of Ryan Sissons who raced superbly to win the U23 title ahead of a horde of Aussies, with Ben Pattle a superb fifth overall and third in the elite men.
Gemmell was pleased with his work and despite finishing second, will have the honours of New Zealand and Oceania champion bestowed on him.
“I have no complaints today; Laurent was just too good and had the edge in speed over the final few kilometres. I felt really great, strong the whole way and felt like I could run at that pace for another hour. But I didn’t have the speed today which is typical for me coming down from altitude. This will set me up nicely though for the first World Champs Series race in Sydney next month so I am happy enough, albeit disappointed I couldn’t match Laurent today.”

Photos: Sophie Corbidge

dimanche 21 février 2010

Takapuna Tri Serie - 2010 Kick Off

Hi everyone,
After 7 weeks spent in Christchurch, I headed up to the North Island last thursday for the first race of the season, the NZ Tri Series at Takapuna Beach.
Andrea and I arrived in Auckland three days before the event, we had good times there celebrating my 26th birthday and meeting up with some friends up there.
On sunday, everything was poised for a great race: the heat, technical course, good field and a large crowd.
We started at exactly 4:55pm, I exited the water up the front but still few seconds behind the leader Dylan McNiece. The ten laps on the bike were tight & fast and reminded me how intense our sport is!
I lead the first few hundred metres on the run and stayed with the leaders until 1km to go when I dropped to 5th. With 400m to go I regained energy, surged and passed Clark Ellice and Tony Dodds.
Kris Gemmell won, Ryan Sissons grabed silver and I finally took bronze, repeating Andrea's result in the girls' race.
I hope if you watched the race live on TV1 you enjoyed it. it was a great kick off for the 2010 season, everybody is already sharp down there. It is really exciting for the upcoming big races.
I am now on my way to Wanaka for a three week altitude training camp with all the Kiwi Squad.
Sweet as! Laurent.
.:.More from the race.:.

dimanche 14 février 2010

Ready for 5 weeks away!

I am spending my last few days in Christchurch before spending 5 weeks away: First for a race in Auckland followed by 3 weeks at altitude for a training camp with the Kiwi team and ending with the Oceania Championships in Wellington mid march.
My training has been good and the last few days were epic! The wind picked up so strong on the Port Hills, I literally got blowned up and flipped over into a bush on the other side of the road! It was a weird feeling to be unable to control my bike!

Anyway, I am good and really happy to be getting back on a start line . Watching the winter Olympics these days make it even more exciting! The french are doing a great job: 2 golds today and a bronze yesterday. What else?!

Cya Laurent

lundi 25 janvier 2010

2010 Race calendar

Hi everyone,
I quickly found my "Kiwi" routine here in Christchurch. My preparation is going well and my fitness is building up.
I usually swim in the mornings with the QEII squad. It takes me just five minutes walk to reach the Olympic pool who hosted the Commonwealth Games 1974.
For the bike, most of the time I go on the hills to do some strength, apart from on tuesday where I join a huge group for a 90k Racing/training around the bays of Lyttelton. Sunday is the day for long miles with Andrea and mates Brett Dawber, Aaron Billing, James Elvery and co.
The running here is awesome, I live by the bottle lake forest but I also go on the port hills (photo attached) for the miles up to get my legs stronger. Finally, I am doing two treadmills sessions per week. I am finding them great for my strides and to teach myself to run in the heat...Summer has not really arrived in NZ! No worries I love being here.
Everything is keeping me really busy : training and recovery day after day in order to be ready for the upcoming season which I have already set in the calendar.

As in 2009, my goal will be the World Championship Series. Although in 2010, I want to be more efficient on the races that everybody wants to win. My targets will be the Des Moines World Cup and the final round of the World Championship Series in Budapest ... London is coming!

More info in an upcoming news!
he trails are calling me.

dimanche 3 janvier 2010

Started 2010 with the Kiwis.

After an unforgettable Christmas with my family in my hometown in Sète, Andrea and I flew to New Zealand to join her family and spend the next five month training hard for the 2010 season.
Even if it's always a bit difficult to leave my family and friends for such a long time , I am really happy being over there.
We spend the first few day relaxing with all Andrea's family and Kiwi friends.
Christchurch is such a great place to be, the Port Hills are our playground with their endless trails and empty roads.
I hope you all had a really nice Christmas break and I wish you a great 2010 year!
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