• Sprints to first ITU World Cup win in Australia

    I claimed my first ITU World Cup win with an electrifying sprint in Mooloolaba, just pipping reigning champion Brad Kahlefeldt and another Frenchman, David Hauss, on the line in the first major event of the 2012 season. ( March, 2012).

  • Winner in Geelong (AUS) for the ITU Continental Cup.

    After shadowing with Will Clarke (GBR) on the last lap, I managed to kick away with the finish line in sight. ( March, 2012).


    After 2011, I won again in Wanaka for the Contact Tri Serie in Wanaka over a strong Kiwi field. (january 2012)


    After 2009, I won my 2nd national title. I am really pleased with my victory, it will give me the joy to lead into the Olympics as the French Champion! (September,2011).


    I answered the London call and secured my spot for the next Olympic Game by finishing 6th and 1st French in the Olympic Test event(August,2011).

mercredi 21 novembre 2012

Our ride, Milani Cycles

In the past months, lots of people and friends have asked me or Andrea about our bike, or I should say "bici".
Words by velocitizen
The history of Milani:
The origin of Milani Cycles Factory dates way back to 1927, when three brothers began making bikes for themselves. All were top-quality racers in their own right at the time the company was formed. Giuseppe Milani was racing in the Bianchi team with the likes of Michele Mara, Domenico Piemontesi, Fiorenzo Crippae Ambrogio Morelli. Natale Milani, meanwhile, was racing with the Viscontea team and riding alongside Cino Cinelli - another great rider of the time who later went on to also found his own bicycle company.

As well as being a racer, Natale was already an accomplished craftsman. During World War II, he’d served with the Italian Air Force as a flight engineer. He regularly manufactured parts when spares weren’t available or made changes purely to improve upon existing designs. This ability to make things with hands, along with his understanding of engineering, led to Milani Cycles being among the first companies to make bicycle frames using aluminium alloy. As a result, Milani Cycles quickly became known as the best that money could buy.

The brothers’ first workshop, based in Gallarate, was in an excellent position too. It was surrounded by several giants of engineering, such as MV Agusta Aviation - later to became MV Agusta motorcycles and AgustaWestland helicopters - Caproni aviation, Macchi aviation, Frera motorcycles and Ganna Cycles. With this concentration of expertise to hand, it should be no real surprise that Milani Cycles quickly became one of the best manufacturers of bicycles in Italy. Yet Milani didn’t only construct bikes for themselves, they also produced some of the best bikes in the world for the biggest names in cycling. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail quite rightly made Natale Milani one of the most widely respected Italian frame builders. That dedication to detail is something that can equally be seen in the Milani products of today.

But a modern Milani was very nearly not to be. When Natale died in 1996, the brand lay dormant until Celeste Milani and his wife Paola Di Domenico resurrected the business. Today, they apply the same core values that Natale applied to his range of bikes - quality and performance. They also continue to offer the option to have any Milani frame custom-built. Their current range of bikes runs to a replica steel frame that recaptures one Natale’s original designs.

Milani today:
After many years of professional experience as manager for multinationals such as Nestlé, Virgin, McDonald's and Bulgari, Celeste Milani establishes a light, efficient and modern company. He creates the new center for Design and Production, where exclusive and tailor made frames are brought to life; puts the design into the hands of experts draftsmen; commits the frame’s production to skilled craftsmen; entrusts research development and product’s test to aeronautical engineers. Communication marketing and brand awareness are promoted through national and international sponsorships and prestigious partnerships with world famous brands.

Faithful to its history, Milani still produces frames designed and created entirely in Italy, by hand, with the same fine craftsmanship which characterized the firm’s origins, but also paying great attention to the ongoing evolution of materials, from steel to steel-inox, aluminium alloy and carbon fibre. Thanks to new technologies and new innovative workmanship, Milani Cycles preserves a perfect balance between tradition and progress to develop his philosophy: to realize high range and high quality frames.

Today, as in the past, the distinctive features to realize Milani’s frames are highest quality and technical standards, details, design and performance. Products range from classic road, cyclo-cross and track frames to triathlon and vintage frames.

These company’s features are the reasons for the successful and lasting partnership with the world known italian automobile company Maserati for the production of a Milani for Maserati range of bikes. 
Besides, the excellence and high performance of products have persuaded athletes like Andrea and I, to race with a MILANI N109 & N111, full carbon custom wrapped frames.

mercredi 7 novembre 2012

End of racing season Wrap Up

Hello Everyone,

I am posting an update from New Zealand where I just had a month break after a wonderful season of racing with Andrea.
I will comeback to our 2012 season in another post.
I left France at the end of September to race the Yokahama World Triathlon Series.
Surprisingly, I crossed the finish line 4th despite a sinus infection which we caught during the travel with Andrea.
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I knew from that point that it was a sign sent from my body, the season started to be long and the post Olympic Game good shape was disappearing.
We just had one race to do and it was the Final of the World Champs in Auckland, a very special race for me as I live a long part of the year in Christchurch... 49% kiwi as my NZ friends always tell me.

I tried to train the best I could for this tough race but I was far from being able to recover for what needed to be done.
The mind was saying yes but my muscles weren't following.
I flew to Auckland ranked number 6th in the Series and the expectations were propably to enter the top 5.
Well, in fact no.
High performance sport is very demanding and that race was a perfect example of the key of good preparation.
A hard course on a weak Laurent. End of the story. Finished 31st but I still very much appreciated all the support out there.
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I really wanted to perform better and to end the season on a high note but it wasn't possible.
Andrea did fantastic to grab another World Championship Medal.

So I am 8th in the 2012 World Championships and enjoying the off season with some friends in NZ before the big conditioning training block begins.

See you Soon, Laurent.

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