• Sprints to first ITU World Cup win in Australia

    I claimed my first ITU World Cup win with an electrifying sprint in Mooloolaba, just pipping reigning champion Brad Kahlefeldt and another Frenchman, David Hauss, on the line in the first major event of the 2012 season. ( March, 2012).

  • Winner in Geelong (AUS) for the ITU Continental Cup.

    After shadowing with Will Clarke (GBR) on the last lap, I managed to kick away with the finish line in sight. ( March, 2012).


    After 2011, I won again in Wanaka for the Contact Tri Serie in Wanaka over a strong Kiwi field. (january 2012)


    After 2009, I won my 2nd national title. I am really pleased with my victory, it will give me the joy to lead into the Olympics as the French Champion! (September,2011).


    I answered the London call and secured my spot for the next Olympic Game by finishing 6th and 1st French in the Olympic Test event(August,2011).

samedi 18 août 2012

Back to London - Olympic Games -

1h47min21sec I crossed the finish line fifth in the heart of Hyde Park crowded with a million people who came to attend the Olympic triathlon.
I have pins and niddles in both arms and cheeks, I have only one which: to lie down to recover.
I see David Hauss just behind the fence, we clap hands without saying a word.
We delivered on the day but on the podium, they were stronger!
Since I started my specific phase for that race, I did everything with James Elvery who didn't achieve the challenge to qualify for the New Zealand team.
We spent hours and hours together, beyond the sweat, lactic acid and pains, he threw me one day: "Bro, expect things to go wrong."
It is this simple sentence that I kept in mind, in any case it would be hard and if this sentence was true for me, it was also for others.
To have a chance to win this race, you will need to fight in order to don't loose it .
The pre-race is like many races but this time I watch Andrea four days before my race on TV.
She has a great race, and extremely concentrated from the start to the finish, she finished 6th beaten by girls stronger than her on that day.
Andrea during the run

Jessica Harrison in the first french crossing the line, finishing in 9th and other French Carole and Emmie missing the lead group after the swim screwed a bit heir chances to do well, they still fight to enjoy fully their games. Brave.
With David and Vincent two days before our race.

The morning of my race, it is 6:26, I woke up just before my alarm. I met David in the lobby of our hotel for a jog around the pool.
It is 8:00 and I swam 1500m and ran 30min.
I feel good, really relax, I know I'm ready and David is too.
Later, we go to the Olympic venue where the crowd is already massive. I look at Vincent Luis (my team mate) and tell him to get the most of it, we couldn't hide a smile during our warm-up.
There is no tension, no anxiety, it's been four years that we prepare for today and we will do what we know, we will perform.

I was so ready that things will be complicated,  I was surprised to find myself in the perfect scenario!
After a 10km Team Time triathlete of 17athlets, we caught the 5 breakaways formed after swimming and from now I'm in the lead group with 22 athletes (including David and Vincent).
33 competitors have therefore already lost the race.
Adapting to the race, I decided to save the maximum amount of energy I could on the bike as domestiques were keeping the pace on during the whole bike scion. They were no opportunity for a break.
I don't necessarily enjoy this type of racing but in order to grab the best place finish on the line this is what was the most valuable for me,hoping (knowing ;-)  ) my running legs wouldn't let me down.

My transition (T2) rom bike to run is average, I start the run in eighth position. As they have a little head start from T2, the Brownlee Brothers and Javier Gomez are impossible to follow, The pace is too quick on this first km for me to bridge any gap.
Quickly in 4th and 5th position with David, we know that Jonny Brownlee has penalty and we relay to keep him in sight.
In the 3rd lap of 4, I give it all and I believe we can catch him.
Finally, we never did, Jonny leaves only few seconds in front of us after his penalty and I'm exhausted. I gave everything in this hunt.
I learned to win by losing. I'm not afraid of losing because I know what it takes to win and today in front of me they were simply better.
So I crossed the line in 5th in the biggest race in the world.

This stunning race is ending the London 2012 Olympics campaign during which personally but collectively with the french team we have never stopped improving.
David 4th, Vincent11th without forgetting Tony Moulai Aurelien Raphael and Fred Belaubre for which we had to be ready.

A part of my supporters

Thanks for your messages, your support and encouragement if you were there.
Thanks to those who supported me to make this adventure possible.
The French Olympic Triathlon Team

Never ever ever ever give up.

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